Gameplay 2 Coming This Summer!

Exciting things are coming this summer when GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 is released. 

Gameplay 2 adds on to the usability of Version 1 by incorporating Android remote devices.  Gamers will now be able to turn their Android phones and tablets into Virtual Controllers which are fully customizable for hundreds of PC games. Version 2 allows up to four players to be connected for use in co-op and multiplayer games. While the Virtual Controllers can emulate the joystick, buttons, D-pad, and other controls of a standard game control, the easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows for so much more customization. Opacity, size, and sensitivity can all be adjusted and there are even game-specific skins available such as for Castle Crashers with each of the four controllers showing a unique color and character from the game.  Gameplay 2 will be revealed next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco where attendees will get a sneak peek at Gameplay 2 in Intel's booth.

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Race your friends in DiRT 3.

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Connect your touch devices and play co-op with friends!

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Play games like Castle Crashers using your Android device.

See more photos of Gameplay 2 here.

Gamers will see an even more social side to gaming with this new Version as controllers as well as screenshots can be shared easily between friends. Also new in Version 2 is the ability for the Android controllers to provide audio and vibration feedback as well as to receive accelerometer data.  

GestureWorks Gameplay Version 2 Beta will be open in May. Owners of Version 1 who have published Virtual Controllers and have been active and helpful in the forums will be asked if they are interested in participating; all beta participants will receive a free upgrade. Anyone who has purchased Version 1 in 2014 or purchases it now will also receive a free upgrade. Other licensed Gameplay owners, including those who received free copies from participating in Version 1 beta, will receive a significant discount on Version 2 when it is available.
Click here to read the full Gameplay 2 press release.